Training Equipment Design and Manufacturing


Training Equipment

Design and manufacturing of Partial Task Trainers (PTT) and Technical Training Equipment (TTE) that augment virtual training allowing students the opportunity for hands-on experience thereby enhancing the learning environment.


Radar Tank Level Indicator (TLI) Partial Task Trainer: Students can see and operate fully-functioning RADAR TLIs in a classroom environment, learning the basics of programming and troubleshooting before entering the fleet.


GEMS Tank Level Indicator Partial Task Trainer: Students learn the basics of float TLIs in the classroom, on a fully functioning GEMS unit. This unit is adjustable to read 0% fuel to 100% fuel on both master and slave units, and has a fuel level alarm.

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Test Equipment Measurement Panel: Designed for basic electronics courses, this trainer has a number of test points, allowing students to learn all the basic functions of a digital multimeter.


Air Pilot Valve Trainer: An air pilot valve and controller are arranged here so that students can see how the valve responds to changes in downstream pressure. Students can also manually adjust valve set-points, valve stroke, and manually operate the valve. Instructors can operate globe valves to simulate malfunctions.



Brian Gallatin
Program Manager
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