Seaport Enhanced Multiple Award Contract

Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. (Epsilon Systems) and our team members are proud to offer Engineering, Technical and Programmatic Support Services to the Virtual Systems Command and SSP offices in all seven geographical Zones under the SeaPort Enhanced Multiple Award Contract. We have compiled a diverse team with offices throughout the country in order to provide excellent, innovative solutions and immediately responsive technical services. Our Team provides a strategic mix of large and small businesses encompassing all functional areas of the SeaPort Enhanced Statement of Work in order to meet any requirement.

  • Contract Number: N00178-04-D-4048
  • Statement Of Work (SOW)
  • Clients: Virtual Systems Command and SSP Offices
  • Contract Period of Performance: 5 April 2004 through 4 April 2019 (including award term options).
  • Program Ceiling: $47.8 Billion (including award term options).
  • Available Order Types: CPFF, CPIF, CPAF, FFP, FPI
SeaPort-e Zone Map