Electronic Rack Design, Manufacture and Population


Computer Rack Assemblies

Designed by Epsilon Systems engineers and assembled in our San Diego and Portsmouth facilities, the Integrated Launch and Recovery Television Surveillance System (ILARTS) is a prototype concept that will eventually support all aircraft carriers post CVN78. Any and all computer rack variants are well within our capabilities, including all fiber optic terminations.


ILARTS Junction Box Assemblies

Many of the units are used to support the current ILARTS systems. Given our company has an Alterations Installation Team (AIT) performing upgrades for shipboard applications, NAVAIR saw the benefit of using Epsilon Systems for assembly of the various control panels and junction boxes. Initially, small units were produced to understand our capabilities. Over the past few years their trust along with our capabilities has grown, thus opening the doors for other rack assemblies and variants in the Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (IFLOLS), where our team is also preparing to assemble the next generation units.


Brian Gallatin
Program Manager
T: 757-961-4526