Meet our People

Our work makes a difference. Read on to learn about some of the significant contributions of service and noteworthy performances made by our employees.

photo of Ben Thorn

Ben Thorn, Software Engineer

Ben Thorn works as software engineer for KAB Laboratories, Inc., an Epsilon Systems Company. He primarily supports the MARS software product – a portable, integrated set of digital signal processing tools providing signal generation, recognition, collection, and analysis tools. He is a key developer in the implementation of forward error-correction/detection code capabilities and libraries within MARS. He also develops software as part of the Mobile Radio Identification System (MRIDS) team as well as the UHF Satcom Monitoring System team. Additionally, he also aided in the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) appraisal process by being on the CMMI appraisal team in which he saw KAB Laboratories reach a CMMI Level 2 appraisal for Software Development.

What does Ben think about working for KAB Laboratories/Epsilon Systems Solutions?

“The perks of working at KAB Laboratories and Epsilon Systems go beyond the free bagels, the food-eating competitions and the company’s benefits package. The true dividend is working with fun and motivated people on projects which directly impact our service men and women in the field. It is especially gratifying to be a part of an engineering team that solves challenging problems and develops cutting-edge technologies. From the exciting problems, the friendly and intelligent people, the excellent products and the generosity of the company; it is truly an honor to be a part of the Epsilon Systems team.”

In Ben’s spare time he likes spending time with his wife enjoying the fruits of San Diego. He enjoys snorkeling with the sea life in La Jolla Cove, surfing Scripps Pier, hiking Cowles Mountain, or spending a weekend in Julian or Big Bear.Working for Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc. has enriched my life immensely. Not only has the company taught me the value of placing other’s needs above my own, but they have also instilled in me the true meaning of trust, honesty and integrity.

Epsilon is a company where employees enjoy coming to work because of the positive surroundings and their appreciation of the working environment. Employees are constantly motivated to assist others in order to accomplish any given task and the team works cohesively, focusing on the overall mission rather than personal gratification.

Epsilon provides an outstanding benefit package when compared to similar companies, but they offer their employees so much more!

The internal support provided by Epsilon is unparalleled by any competitor! The company truly places every employee’s needs and desires as its highest priority. By doing so, there is an unmatched dedication from its employees. Additionally, Epsilon’s “Open Door” policy insures that all high level managers are easily accessible and willing to assist employees with any issue that arises.

If you desire to work for a company with fantastic benefits, matchless support for their employees, positive attitudes of all personnel and the highest degree of integrity, Epsilon is for you!

Ivy Durante

Ivy Durante, Financial Analyst

Ivy Durante has been with Epsilon for 13 years. She has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the finance department in many forms. She started with Epsilon as a payroll administrator, and quickly transitioned to a financial analyst supporting our IT&C sector, which is now our EOS division of MSG. Ivy has been a pillar in our financial analysis team ever since! She now supports our Products Division and KAB. She has also been instrumental in all of the annual budgeting processes, software conversions, and reorganizations that the company has done. She is always willing to jump in and help with any billing issues, and does so with grace and proficiency. Ivy did all of this while working to obtain her MBA degree through Epsilon’s tuition reimbursement program. We would all be lost without her! When she possibly has any spare time left, she enjoys family time with her husband and two young daughters!

What does Ivy think about working for Epsilon Systems Solutions?

“Working for Epsilon for the last 13 years has been a wonderful experience. I have grown so much with not only their continued support in furthering my education, but also through numerous programs they offer. I hope to continue to contribute to Epsilon’s success on the years to come.”

photo of Nate Sharadin

Nate Sharadin, Program Manager

Nate Sharadin has assumed responsibility as the Program Manager for our Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic (COMNAVSURFLANT) Engineering & Technical Support Services contract as the Prime contractor, as well as the Mid Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Admin contract, in a subcontractor role. Both programs are operating out of Naval Station Norfolk. As Program Manager, he is responsible for the oversight of employees in execution of tasking, and ensuring contractual deliverables are met. This includes managing multiple subcontractors, producing monthly technical progress and financial status reports, interfacing with the customer, and acting as liaison between Epsilon and our customers.

His most recent significant accomplishment is executing an aggressive staffing and transition plan upon award of the CNSL prime contract. The contract award occurred 7 days prior to start of the contract and Epsilon was forced to aggressively recruit, interview, and hire in order to meet the transition plan staffing plan by Award + 20 (A+20). The results were positive, as the customer was impressed with Epsilon's ability to retain existing staff and new employees with such a capable workforce within time constraints.

Here are Nate’s thoughts on working with Epsilon Systems Solutions.

“I am a military brat and U.S. citizen born in England. Since moving to the Tidewater area in 1991 and graduating high school, I graduated as a Virginia Tech Hokie and still bleed orange and maroon. From there, I entered the workforce and worked my way into management as a defense contractor for several companies over 10 years, supporting various Navy programs to include Combat Systems, and HM&E/ Surface Ship Maintenance and Modernization programs, all while completing an MBA at Old Dominion. While everyone has different experience and educational background, Epsilon values all of its employees and respects diversity in all forms.

My contracting career has traversed the gamut from large corporations to small businesses. I came onboard with Epsilon in August of 2014 and the experience has been nothing short of spectacular. I am proud to be part of a company that works hard to grow the business through new work and provide additional opportunities for employees, whether lateral or through promotion. Epsilon leadership brings on talent, provides opportunities for career growth, and fosters and mentors individuals throughout their career. Moreover, the company culture provides for a "small business" feel with large business goals.”

photo of Kirsten Chandler

Kirsten Chandler, Sr. Graphics Designer

Kirsten works as a Sr. Graphic Designer with the Mission Solutions, Learning Solutions group. Kirsten has over 30 years of experience as an art director and graphic designer for print and online media. She supports the Learning Solutions division with her expertise in design, layout, typography, illustration, electronic art production, and graphical user interface design. She has a well-rounded understanding of adult learning and business strategies and a strong background in visual communication. She works with notable clients, including the IRS, U.S. Navy, Volkswagen of America, the Department of Labor, and UCSD. Her ability to continually exceed our clients’ expectations makes her a highly valued member of the team.

Kirsten represents Epsilon’s core values with her innovative strategies to support our clients. She is always perfecting her talent and is committed to keep our clients in the forefront of evolving web and mobile requirements by using the latest technologies to develop responsive and visually appealing web sites and ebooks.

On her off hours, Kirsten enjoys a good game of croquet, biking, touring around in her 1987 VW Westy and knitting.

Here are Kirsten’s thoughts on what make Epsilon a special organization.

“I joined the company in March of 2012 as a Graphic Designer and from DAY ONE have felt so welcomed and valued here. My first day here, I received an email invitation to a baby shower. Even though I didn’t know anyone, the hosts reached out to us “newbies” so we could feel part of the group. The company quickly provided us the specialized tools (hardware and software) we needed to get up and running.

Epsilon is a really special organization--there is such positive energy from everyone. Co-workers are always willing to help each other; truly there is a team atmosphere with everyone striving to provide the highest quality and value to our customers.

This company has extremely high moral standards; there is no question Epsilon always takes the high road. Executives are approachable, friendly, and FUN! Contact with the entire corporate office group is maintained through monthly meetings during which our CEO fills us in on recent developments, the head of HR entertains us with trivia and jokes, new employees are welcomed, and birthdays are celebrated. In addition, special events occur frequently to help us all stay in touch and feel part of the team. Chili cook-offs, hot-dog eating contests, Halloween costume and decorating contests, holiday pot-lucks. Yes, Epsilon is a fun-loving company!

I feel very fortunate to be part of this outstanding company and highly recommend Epsilon as a delightful place to work.”